My work was awarded several times, take a look!




German Newcomer Film Award for BLAKE / Director Shamila Lengsfeld at the Hannover Film Festival by Nord Media


Webfest Berlin

Best Writer - What's Next for TNOFHT / Director Shamila Lengsfeld


Berlin Underground Film Festival

Best Webseries Pilot for Karen and Sally / Director Shamila Lengsfeld


New York Film Award

Best Drama for Echo / Director Shamila Lengsfeld


Hollywood North Film Awards

Best International Shortfilm for Echo, Director Shamila Lengsfeld


Munich Film Awards

Winner Best Director, Shamila Lengsfeld Echo


Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

Best Women Filmmaker for Echo, Shamila Lengsfeld


Int' Film Festival Barcelona

Best Spanish Short for Matcha Latte, Shamila Lengsfeld

Born in Konstanz, Germany, as a half Iranian-German, Shamila’s passion for cinema ignited in her youth. Joining a local art house cinema’s film club at 14, she delved into film projects, youth programming, and film projection. After high school in 2009, Shamila undertook a film theater management apprenticeship, working as a projectionist at various cinemas. Later, she pursued a Bachelor of Digital Filmmaking at SAE Institute Cologne until 2016. Afterward, she had the opportunity to spend half a year at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, deepening her directing skills.

Passionate about technology and its potential in filmmaking, Shamila developed a strong affinity for visual effects. As a freelance director and writer, she crafted multiple independent short films. Notably, “Blake” earned the GERMAN NEWCOMER FILM AWARD at Hannover Int. Filmfestival in 2018. Her films often feature strong female leads, frequently exploring science fiction with LGBTQ themes. However, her commitment to storytelling goes beyond entertainment. This was evident in a documentary about the struggles of Lebanese children, which she co-directed with an Arabic filmmaker in 2023. Shamila aims to evoke empathy, provoke thought, and highlight the resilience of individuals facing adversity. With her unique background as both half-Iranian and queer, her journey weaves a narrative of passionate dedication to storytelling, a commitment to amplifying diverse voices, and a fusion of technology and VFX in the cinematic realm.


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