Shamila Lengsfeld is a German film director and screenwriter. She grew up at the Lake of Constance. After graduating at the Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Filmmaking in 2016, she became known to a wider public through her sci-fi movie Blake which was awarded with the German Newcomer Film Award in 2017. She loves Zombies, Superhero’s and Sci- Fi. Currenty she is located in Cologne, Germany.


2016: I Am Wolf  Short (Director, Writer, Animation)

2017: Blake Short (Director, Drehbuch, Writer, Editor)

2018: Der Lieferant Short (Director, Writer)

2018: Alveus Short (Director, Writer, Editor)

2018: Mantis Webserie (Director, Writer); Preproduction

2019: The Night of the Hungry Turtles Pilot (Director, Writer, Editor)

2019: Hotel Short (Director, Drehbuch, Editor)

2019: Echo Medium-length (Director, Writer, Editor)